Planning Services

identity management planningWe can plan and guide your IAM program to maximize its effectiveness and success…

We have over 10 years delivering IAM solutions. Our project work includes implementations of over 600,000 users, and integrations that include dozens of different business applications.

Our teams follow structured program and project management techniques, based on the Project Management Institute’s framework, to develop realistic and executable plans for IAM implementations.

Our service packages for IAM Planning include:

  • IAM Program Development and Planning — A comprehensive set of program development services are available to formally map IAM activities.  These activities and projects are often uncovered during IAM or IT strategy development, or may have evolved over a period of time starting when IAM was introduced into your organization. Either way, a clearly organized and effectively laid out program of activity is needed to ensure business goals are met.
  • Integration Project Planning — Specialized project planning services are available to assist your teams to build, configure and integrate IAM solutions. These services are typically delivered in short, tactical projects with very tangible and high value outcomes — specifically, we can help you to write project charters and plans for IAM integration work.
  • Project Rescue — For those situations where an IAM project is experiencing difficulties, Code Technology can provide senior and experienced IAM project managers to assist and rescue at-risk initiatives.

Some of the templates that we use to deliver our IAM Planning Services include:

  • IAM Program Roadmap
  • IAM Business Case
  • IAM Growth Projections
  • IAM Program Charter
  • Project Roadmaps
  • IAM Communications Plan (with assistance from our sister company, Bird Communications)
  • Request for Proposals Documents
  • Wide range of IAM Solution Implementation Plans

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