Delivery Services

deliver - blue completed puzzleBecause we are specialists, we can deliver your IAM implementations…

Our team has had experience with implementing IdM solutions since 2003, ranging from technical proof-of-concepts to enterprise integration and custom development projects.

  • IAM Use Case and Requirements Development — We believe that IAM is fundamentally a business issue, and we know that careful analysis, documentation of work flows and data modelling are crucial to IAM design. Our use cases are based on our library of common application integration flows and typical IAM system functions. Data requirements, including analysis of provisioning needs, user stores, federation schemas and attribute qualities, are key to successful implementations.
  • Solution Selection and Integration — There are an increasingly strong set of integrated IAM solutions that enterprises can choose to implement. Our services include the identification of solutions that best fit your needs, based on a current market research and practical evaluation techniques. Once selected, our teams can lead or assist the implementation of the IAM solutions and their integration with your business applications.
  • Solution Development and Integration — Custom solutions are still an option for those organizations that need to maximize the flexibility and function of their IAM implementations.  We have strong experience and software development skills necessary to design, build, test and deploy fully customized IAM systems.
  • Project Delivery — IAM implementations in enterprises are complex — and they typically need senior, experienced project managers and formal project management methods to be successful. Our approach to IAM Project Delivery is to focus on business priorities, formally manage project risk, and develop/configure solutions in predictable phases.

Templates we use to support our Project Delivery services include:

  • Use Cases and Work Flow Diagrams
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Design Documentation
  • Privacy Impact Scan or Assessment
  • Individual Project Plans for Releases
  • Readiness Checklists
  • Load Test Reports
  • Bug Reports
  • PMI-Based Project Management Documents: Status Reports, Issue Logs, etc.

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