Advisory Services

identity management advice and strategyWe can help you with Identity & Access Management…

If you are grappling with specific identity management issues, we can help.  If you are struggling to define a strategy for identity, we can help with that too.  Our teams include experienced IAM, business and IT professionals with broad skill-sets and a deep understanding of the issues that drive IAM.

Code has developed its own IAM Strategy Development Process for enterprises that can be delivered in various ways. Our Advisory Services Packages can help you to develop strategies, plans and business-oriented IAM architectures.

  • IAM Assessment – A review and write-up of all identity-related principles, policies, processes and technologies in your organization. Includes information gathering, an assessment report with recommendations and a debriefing or presentation. This service can be delivered remotely or in-person. Read more here.
  • IAM Strategy Development – The cloud. Social media login. Federated ID. Privacy and security. These are only a few of the issues impacting today’s IAM strategies.We can develop a full strategy for your enterprise, including an assessment, environmental scan, collection of strategic business requirements, an enterprise application scan, gap analysis, options development and preparation of recommendations. Our high-quality and engaging deliverables include an interim report, final strategy report, project roadmap and an executive presentation.
  • Application Integration Assessments – Are you planning a major application implementation and thinking about identity management? This service package is intended for organizations that need ‘point assessments’ for enterprise applications. It focuses on the business and technical environments and provides recommendations on how to proceed with IAM integrations for these applications.
  • IAM Architecture Development – An IAM architecture can guide the development of the business, information and technical components needed for an enterprise implementation.  Our IAM Architecture Development services can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Code Technology’s experience in IAM is reflected in the comprehensive set of templates we use with our Advisory Services.  These templates allow our teams to quickly and efficiently collect information and produce quality project deliverables.  Our current templates include:

Identity Management Strategy Development Process
Identity Management Orientation for Management
Workshop Agendas

Strategic Requirements


Strategic Requirements Report
Identity Management Strategy Pyramid
Identity Management Guidance Report
Identity Management Strategy Report
Identity Management Models (various)
Research Sources
Information Classification (GoA)
Pan-Canadian IdM&A Strategy
  • IAM Orientation for Management
  • Strategic Requirements Inventory
  • IAM Assessment Report
  • IAM Guidance Report
  • IAM Strategy Report
  • Project Roadmap
  • IAM Process and Architectural Models (various)
For more information, please contact us.

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