IAM Services

Identity & Access Management solutions help enterprises meet strategic business needs. These solutions are sought after because they deliver key benefits such as competitive advantages, compliance, cost savings and increased partnering capabilities. (If you’d like a primer on IAM, click here.)

Code Technology is a specialist in IAM consulting services and has over 10 years of IAM-specific project delivery experience. We help Canadian governments and corporations benefit from IAM solutions.

identity management advice and strategyAdvisory Services

We provide a full range of IAM advice, including assessments, tactical advice and full IAM strategies. Our recommendations are driven by your business needs, and we specialize in developing practical, progressive strategies that are anchored by our strong understanding of IAM best-practices.

Planning Services

identity management planningIdentity & Access Management has significant interactions with business processes, applications, directories and databases. IAM programs and projects have unique integration and compliance challenges. For example, many IAM implementations will have privacy impacts that need to be addressed and managed. And technical systems integration work — with identity stores, enterprise services and cloud services — is required in almost all IAM projects.

IAM program and project planning is needed to ensure maximum business benefits, to accommodate integration complexity, and to properly manage risks related to privacy and security.

Delivery Services

deliver - blue completed puzzleUtilizing our niche experience in IAM and leveraging PMI standards, Code Technology provides value with its Project Delivery Services.

IAM solutions — whether they be product-based or custom developed — require specialized approaches and formally managed implementations. Direct experience in IAM delivery is critical to project success.

If you would like more information on our Identity & Access Management Consulting Services, select from the links below or feel free to contact us today.

IAM Advisory Services | IAM Planning Services | IAM Delivery Services

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