We are what we eat

eating your own dog food

A few years ago, I had a developer on my team who was famous for injecting the phrase ‘we need to eat our own dog food’ into client meetings for various appropriate or inappropriate reasons.  Okay, most of the time it was inappropriate and I don’t really think he knew what he was saying…

The expression means to use the products we make, and according to Wikipedia, it was based on a dog food commercial:

The idea originated in television commercials for Alpo brand dog food; actor Lorne Greene would tout the benefits of the dog food, and then would say it’s so good that he feeds it to his own dogs.

News from Microsoft last week indicates that the company is prepared to move forward with Geneva Beta 2 as its own production solution for federation with business partners.  Up to 59 applications used by almost 30 partners will be depending on Geneva for identity services.

While not earth-shaking news — Microsoft have frequently used early versions of their own products — it is encouraging to see for those organizations that are eyeing Geneva to support upcoming federated identity initiatives.

(As for the handsome fella pictured above, that would be my own brown lab, Sam…  If you are reading this Sammy, your food is safe.  Remember, if you are careful to always protect your online identity, no one has to know you’re a dog…)


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