PS2009 — Justin Somaini, Symantec

Feb 3rd, 1:30pm
Live blog post…

Justin Somaini’s talk was on information security in turbulent times:
– 70 percent of malware is targeting sensitive information
– 10,000 to 20,000 virus signatures created each DAY (up from 1,000 per week only 4 years ago…)

Threats are increasing. With security budgets likely to drop during the recession, can we find other ways to educate and motivate employees and executives?

The image of information security people is negative, making communication difficult.between IT and business. What is needed is a strong 2-way conversation to improve relationships. Mr. Somaini’s experience is that the relationsip is key to gaining trust between the two groups. In Symantec, he has observed a significant increase in the reporting of security incidents immediately after collaborative visits with business users.

The point of the talk is that fear can’t be used to change behavior — information sharing and relationship building are the keys.  Less policing, more discussion…


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