Top Posts for 2008


Another year has passed and a quick look at my blog statistics shows that I managed to serve up 45 posts in 2008.  I like to think this blog is more about quality than quantity…

Topics tackled ranged from Italian soccer to English feudal societies, with a health dose of Canadiana thrown in.  In the spirit of those year-end sports highlight shows, here are’s top 5  posts from 2008.

#5. Italian Football

Having just returned from Italy, I wrote up the experience of identifying oneself to the authorities at an Italian football match.  My personal favorite post of 2008…

#4. Infrastructure Security Stats

We all love the numbers, and this post — from the 1st Annual Cyber Security Conference in Calgary — was a big draw.  The traffic came with the help of a mention in a special SCADA security mailing list.

#3. Shared Secrets for Establishing Identity

Who knew that this topic would be so interesting?  It turns out this is an odd specialty of mine, so I was grateful for the hits!

#2. Security and Privacy Quotes

With great quotes from Helen Keller and our federal Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, how could this NOT attract traffic?

and, can we have a drum-roll please…

#1. Hackers Expose Leadership Vacuum

The truth is I don’t like to rant much on my blog, but this one really struck a chord.  The misuse of biometrics was most perfectly exposed by a hacker group, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this emerge as one of the top information security stories in 2008.


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