Live blogging, day 2, part deux

Bruce Cowper, Microsoft Canada, Security Initiatives Product Manager:
– unemployment in IT is 1.2%
– biggest security challenge is finding qualified resources
– Gartner says: virtual servers less secure than physical counterparts
– virtual servers not necessarily protected when host OS and drivers are patched…
– rootkits/malware coming out that is targeting virtual environments

Peter Reid, EDS, Chief Privacy Officer:
– EDS block approx 98.5% of all email traffic (due to spam, malware)

Angela Yetman, Newfoundland & Labrador, Sr. Privacy Officer:
– privacy impact assessments can be aided by automated tools
– an effective ‘pre-PIA’ automated assessment greatly improves privacy awareness and frequency
– scoring (metrics) of project privacy issues can be done to aid priority setting for full PIA work

Dr. Lawrence Lessig (more from yesterday):
Barack Obama (Democratic Party candidate in the US) has been enormously successful in leveraging social networks and YouTube to support his campaign
– Obama is also the only candidate from either party to have a comprehensive information and communications technology plan


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