Live blogging… Day 1 at the conference

(This is my first attempt to post from my Blackberry…)

Dr. Lawrence Lessig was the keynote this morning. His main points:
– privacy and copyight issues are similar in that both have at their core a “loss of data control”
– 30 million PCs (1 in 10 home computers) are infected with botnets and other malware
– future gov’t response to growing problem will be to accelerate surveillance and violate privacy via new legislation
– an “i9/11” event will happen… a huge malware event will cause widespread Internet and system failures in the future

Essentially Lessig is concerned about an overreaction by the gov’t to an i9/11 event – think “iPatriot Act” – that will crush privacy and result in massive surveillance. With an election (in the US) coming, the time is now to influence the politicians, and to educate them re: options.


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